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The holiday season is just around the corner. It is normally a season quite packed with leisure activities organized both at the individual and corporate level. It is also a great time to remember those in need by contributing and volunteering to charity. This holiday season, you may choose to take the opportunity to help your community in various ways.

Donate material items
Many people rarely think of giving material substances, such as clothes and food, to the needy. You may take this opportunity to make a difference within the community by giving some clothes, shoes, utensils, and other material substances to needy households. In case you have a local charity foundation, it would be greatly appreciated to donate those substances for fair distribution.

Clean The Environment
You may also take the opportunity to volunteer your time and skills in various environmental projects, especially those targeting cleaning up the surrounding. In this regard, you can target various areas that are often neglected within your neighborhoods, such as drainage ways, roadsides, and even community grounds. Slashing tall grass, collecting, and disposing of waste from public places may help make a huge difference for a healthy environment.

Organize A Charity Get-Together
Many communities rarely get an opportunity to organize charity events. You may use this holiday season as a chance to organize one such an event where the community members meet for a charity or social event in a public hall or field. The event may be utilized for additional purposes, such as community games or even community planning. The funds raised during the event may be channeled to an existing community charity project.

Volunteer Your Skills
Perhaps you have some professional skills that you could donate to your community. Some of the skills that are in high demand include healthcare skills, mentorship skills, firefighting, disaster preparation, and management, or even construction skills. In this regard, you may choose to organize for a one-day event in your community social hall where you get a chance to provide free services to the interested locals.

Serve At Homes For The Needy
This holiday season, you may also choose to do something different by visiting children’s homes or even homes for the elderly and physically disabled. Most of these homes are run out of charity donations. They would thus greatly appreciate your effort. Visiting the homes and doing some physical jobs, such as cleaning and washing, is a greatly welcome idea.