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With warmer weather and longer days, summertime is the season to be outside for most Americans. Because of more people being out and about during the summer, it also can mean increased business opportunities. This can also be applied to organizations that are looking for unique fundraising ideas that are outdoors. With countless locations and options, here are some great ways to take advantage of the summer with fundraising ideas.

Known as one of the most popular outdoor activities in the country, barbeque cookouts can be a relatively easy, and lower-maintenance option for smaller organizations. Most barbeques are more casual and do not require extensive set-up beforehand. Additionally, larger amounts of food can be made at one time during a grillout, as multiplier barbeques can be used to cook various food groups. If there is a great outdoor park or venue in your area, it may be a great idea to research more on if a barbeque could be beneficial.

Outdoor Workout Classes
With fitness becoming more critical in cities nationwide, workout studios have begun offering partnerships with local nonprofit organizations. As part of the sponsorship, an organization can hold an outdoor fitness class with an athletic trainer from the workout studio. In exchange, a portion of the money raised will go back to your organization. For example, a nonprofit organization that wants to raise money towards children’s health may hire a professional yoga instructor to teach a yoga class in a predetermined outdoor location. This approach ensures that your organization will benefit without requiring extensive preparation.

Outdoor Movie Night
For organizations that are looking for an opportunity to host a bigger crowd, an outdoor movie night is a great option. There are many outdoor options to host a movie night, including parks, outdoor venues, larger wineries, and universities. As part of the outdoor movie night, guests pay for a ticket that includes various snack or food options. It is important to note that an outdoor movie night may require more preparation, as more equipment and food may be required, depending on the size of the event.

Summertime brings countless opportunities to do outdoor activities, so be creative whenever possible. If there are unique locations or outdoor activities in your area that can host a fundraiser, it could be worth it to do some further research.